Internationale Stimmen zum Bestseller „Die Schlafwandler“ (2)

„The best book I have read this year, or indeed for several years“
Simon Heffer, New Statesman, Book of the year

„The arguments [Clark] sets out in this quite superb account of the cause of the First World war are so compelling that they effectively consign the old historical consensus to the bin…
A masterpiece. It’s not often that one has the privilege of reading a book that reforges our understanding of one of the seminal events of world history.“

Simon Griffith, Daily Mail

Internationale Stimmen zum Bestseller „Die Schlafwandler“ (1)

Christopher Clarks „Die Schlafwandler“ zieht weite Kreise.
Nicht nur in Deutschland, wo die etablierte Geschichtswissenschaft noch ihre Wunden leckt.

Auch die internationale Kritik anerkannt die Leistung des Buchs, das sich wochenlang auf dem 1. Platz der Bestsellerliste hielt. Eine Auswahl:

„It is hard to believe we will ever see abetter narrative of what was perhaps the biggest collective blunder in the history of international affairs.“
Niall Ferguson, Historiker

„There will be many books on the First World War as the 100th anniversary draws near, but few as illuminating as this one.“
Tony Barber, Financial Times London

„A masterpiece“
Harold Evans, The New York Times